Instagram Hashtag Tips

Do you struggle with finding the right hashtags on Instagram? Well today I am going to share with you some of my Instagram hashtag tips for choosing the right hashtags. These are things that I have learned through a lot of research and trial and error. I am not a professional and this is simply what I have found works best for me. 

I have also created a YouTube video where I go more in depth. 

First things first, I recommend that you have a business account so that you can see specific insights and stats. This is helpful because you can see how much reach you got from hashtags for each post. This helps you figure out what is working well, and what is not. 


My best performing post, of all time on my account had 18,195 impressions. (I only have 1982 followers at the time of writing this) of those impressions, 17,336 were from hashtags. Now this is very rare and I have gotten close with these same hashtags, one other time, but the rest of my posts are not that high but they still do well.


My best performing post in the last three months got 6,998 impressions with 6,199 of those coming from hashtags. 

And my best post in the last 30 days had 6,768 impressions with 5,886 from hashtags. 

Now this does fluctuate with each post, and some posts do better than others. It is still important to have good pictures and good caption. Those will always help with engagement. And there are a lot of things that factor in to the Instagram algorithm that can affect your posts as well. 

How many hashtags? 

I have been playing around a lot with different numbers of hashtags in each post. I used to use 25-30 (Instagram only lets you use 30 hashtags per post) in every post and that was working really well. But lately I have noticed, that does not work as well. So now I use between 12-18 hashtags and i have been seeing positive results with that. My best performing post in the last 3 months had only 12 hashtags. And my second and third had 16, and 17. 


So which hashtags should you use? 

 When is comes to choosing your hashtags, you want to have your target audience in mind. Who do you want to reach? In most o fmy posts, I am trying to reach other crocheters. So my hashtags are very crochet specific. If you are trying to reach people who are buying your crocheted finished items, I would not recommend using crochet related hashtags. Most buyers are not going to be searching crochet hashtags. So you will want to determine your tagret audience and use hashtags that they will be looking at. 
Another factor that you need to consider when choosing your hashtags is how many posts have used that hashtag. For example #cute has 564million posts that have used it. The chances of your post getting noticed under that hashtag are very very little if not none at all. I always say to use mostly hashtags that have under 1 million posts, and if you use some that are over 1 million try to stay under about 4 million. You also do not want to have a hashtag that is so unique that there are less that 1000 posts that use it unless it is location specific or specific your personal brand. For example you can hashtag your business name. 

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps you. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram @coze_creations .

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