How to Ship Items on Etsy

Etsy is awesome. There, I said it. I love Etsy. I know there is a lot of people who don’t like it, but in the past three months I have made the most money with my business by selling on Etsy. Majority of my sales came from strangers that found my items on Etsy and purchased from me. They were not people from my following on Instagram or Facebook. So if I had not been on Etsy I would not have made as many sales. 

One thing I have heard from a lot of people on the reason why they do not want to open an Etsy is because they do not know how to ship their items and the shipping aspect confuses them. So today I am going to show you how I list and ship my items. 

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that provide me with a small percentage of commission but do NOT cost you anything extra. Using these links help support my blog by providing me with a little extra income. I try to find the best prices possible for the items I recommend in order to help you. I recommend the products that I personally use or the next best options.

I felt like the easiest way for me to explain how I list and ship my items was to  show you in a video. So click the link below to watch. and if you keep scrolling you will see a list of the items I use. This is my very first YouTube video so the editing isn’t the best and I am super awkward but I have to start somewhere!

Shipping Scale– the most important thing you will need is some sort of scale to weigh your items. shipping costs are calculated by weight so you will need to weigh your items before listing them. You can use either a food scale or a shipping scale. 

Polymailers- I use polymailers to package most of my items. They are lightweight and durable. as long as your items you are shipping are not fragile these work great. I use the 9×12 inch mailers. I have been able to fit 3 beanies in one, or 1 scarf, or 3-4 earwarmers. I also love that you can find these on Amazon in so many different colors and prints. I went with a teal to match my brand colors. 


Business Cards – I normally order business cards from Vista Print. They are easy to use and affordable. The other day I ran out and forgot to order more so I just printed some that I made on Canva. I highly recommend Vista Print for proffessional cards though.

Tissue paper– I normally wrap my items in white tissue paper before putting them in the polymailer. You don’t have to do this but I feel like it gives it a more professional look. 

Shipping Labels – These half sheet shipping labels are so nice to have. It makes it so much easier to just peel the label and stick it on rather than having to cut your label and tape it on. If you do decide to just use regular paper and tape it on I recommend using packing tape to tape it securely as possible. 

Printer – You will need some sort of printer to print you shipping labels. I have a cheap HP printer. It’s not fancy but it works. If you wan to go a fancier route you could go with a printer that is specifically for printing labels but right now because I am on a budget, I prefer just a regular affordable printer because then I can use it to print other things as well. I have linked below the one that is very close to the one I use. 

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