Market Recap, Everything You Need for a Craft Fair

This last weekend I participated in my very first market! It went really well and really made me excited to do more. In the weeks before the market I researched and crocheted more than I ever have for anything in my life. I wanted to be as prepared as I could be and I wanted to know all the details of how other peoples craft fairs and markets went. So in this post I will share everything about my market, how it went, best sellers, items that I used that made it run smoothly, and I’ll even share the resources that helped me get prepared for the market. 

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About the Market

The market is called Aspenfest, and is a festival that my town puts on every year that celebrates the fall season and the changing of the colors. The day starts off with a parade through town and then the festival begins after the parade is over and goes all day until 6 pm. The festival included live music, beer and wine tastings, food, and many other types of vendors. They also had jumping balloons for the kids so it was a great family friendly event. The festival took place outside at a local park which sometimes can be risky since you never know what the weather will be like. All week before the festival it had been cold and rainy so I was super worried that it was going to be cold and rainy on that day. But the weather turned out to be a nice sunny 75 degrees with some slight breezes. 

What You Need

I didn’t buy a whole lot of things to prepare because I had a tight budget. But there were a few things I bough that really helped it go smoothly and I was really glad I had them. 

The most important thing I had that I think everyone else needs is a credit card reader. I got a free one from PayPal. From now until December 31, 2019 when you sign up for PayPal Here you get a Free card reader. I definitely recommend getting one of these because not everyone brings cash or they may run out of cash and you wouldn’t want to miss out on a sale simply because you did’t have a card reader. You can also get one from Square for free. 

You will need a canopy to keep you out of the sun. I got mine on sale at Walmart but you can also get one from Amazon. I also ordered some sidewalls from Amazon for my Canopy in case it had rained so it would keep inside my tent dryer. I didn’t end up using them because the weather was beautiful but I’m glad I now have for whenever I’ll need them. I got a white canopy and white walls to make it look more clean and professional.  I also had an outdoor rug in my booth which helped keep thing from getting muddy or dirty if they got dropped. 

I also orderd a waitress apron for $5.99 so that I could keep my card reader and money on me at all times. This was super helpful because I didn’t have worry about losing anything. I also got a money bag to keep my cash in. This easily fit in my apron and I found it be be more affordable than a cash box.  I brought $50 in ones and $50 in fives for change. ended up not using my ones so next time I think I will bring $25 in ones and $75 in fives.

Another important item I was glad I had was a portable phone battery charger. This was super important because we were outside an didn’t have any access to power so if my phone or card reader died I would have been able to charge it. The one I got and linked was only $19.99 and it had a coupon for $4.00 off when I got it to and it works great!

And lastly one of the things that you need is bags with handles. People want something that they can easily carry around  while they continue to shop and at this event, taste beer and wine. One lady even said that she was so happy I had bags with handles. I also chose to get clear bags. This allows other people to see what people bought from you and then if it catches their eye they are more likely to ask that person where they got it from and then they are basically advertising for you for free. And I found a great deal on Amazon for 100 bags for only $10.99.

What Sold and What Didn’t

 I had been crocheting things all month to get ready for the event but I still was panicking that I didn’t have enough things to bring. In hindsight I wish I had started sooner because I would have liked to have had more types and sizes of beanies available and this last week before the festival I was spending every minute I could crocheting which resulted in a lot of hand cramps. I’m not sure the week before a market will ever be relaxing but I would like in the future to not be making so many things last minute. 

One of my best sellers were wine glass holders that would go around your neck. When people paid for the beer and wine tastings at the door they got to pick a free wine glass or beer glass to keep. I knew this going in to the market so I thought the wine glass holders would be a good seller and they were! I charged $5 for them and I made sure that the holders would fit the wine gasses perfectly before the festival since the wine glasses they were using were slightly smaller than your average wine glass. My booth was also between two very popular wineries so it helped that while people were waiting in line they could easily see the wine glass holders that I places in the front of my booth space. I didn’t keep track of how many I sold because I kept making more as the day went by and they just kept on selling. 

Scrunchies were my other best seller. Everyone loves scrunchies! I had 6 colors of velvet scrunchies available. I charged $3 each or 2 for $5 most people that came in bought 2 because of that. I had all different kinds of people that bought scrunchies. Some were kids, some were moms, some were teenagers, some were in they’re 20s and 30s.  As same with the wine glass holders, I didn’t keep track of how many I sold because I kept making more through out the day and they kept selling. I even had someone place a custom order for more scrunchies after I ran out. So scrunchies are definitely something I would recommend bringing to your market and lots of them. 

Other than the scrunchies, I sold a little bit of everything else. I Sold a few bun beanies, a few pom beanies, some facial rounds and washcloths, some pumpkins and some towels with the crocheted tops. Strangely the only thing  I didn’t sell any of was earrings. I’m not sure why as a lot of people came and looked at them and complemented them but no one bought any. 

I think another thing I should have brought was kid sized beanies. I had a few baby beanies that got a lot of attention (I mean every one loves cute little baby beanies!) but I didn’t have any beanies that would fit older kids or toddlers. I did get a couple custom orders for baby beanies in different sizes. I offered free shipping on custom orders if they placed it that day.  

I will list here all the things I made with the links to the patterns in case you want to make some yourself. 

There were a few other things that I made that I don’t use a pattern for. My scrunchies I don’t use a pattern for, I’ve thought about writing it up and posting it on my blog but there are so many out there I would hate to post mine for free and have it be really similar to someone else’s so I probably won’t do that. I also made a few other beanies that I don’t have a pattern for right now but I will probably write up later and add to my blog.

My Favorite Resources

 If you’re planning on doing a market soon I highly recommend Taylor Lynn Crochet’s Blog and Youtube Channel. She has some great tips and she even vlogs most of her markets. I watched all her market videos on YouTube before my market. 
I would also recommend checking out The Crafty Fox Crochet’s guest post on A Crafty Concept’s blog. It is the Ultimate Craft Festival guide and it has some great information and even some free printables. I used the free custom order printable to take custom orders at my festival. 

And I also highly recommend joining the Facebook Group called Ash & Tay Crochet. It is a wonderful positive group of crocheters where any one can post and ask questions. I find this group super helpful when I have questions about anything crochet or market related.


I hope you found this post helpful! Feel free to reach out if you have ay questions or comments!

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Have a great day!

-Elyssa a.k.a. E

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