How to Crochet a 20 Minute Earwarmer!

It’s that time of the year. Fall! To me fall means cooler weather, leaves changing, baking, pumpkins and so much more! This fall is a little bit different for me as this will be my first season doing markets! My first market is in almost 3 weeks so I’m working as hard as I can to prep. One of my favorite things to make is earwarmers! They work up super quick and seem to be very trendy. This earwarmer pattern takes me about 20 minutes to make so I will be making a ton of these for my upcoming markets and I’m posting the pattern here for FREE so you can use it to prep too!

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Before you start:

 Please do NOT copy, redistribute, sell or share my pattern as your own. You may sell your finished items but please link back to my pattern to give me credit. Do not use my pictures as your own. Thank you. 

Abbreviations used:

Ch = Chain
Sl st = slip stitch 
Dc = Double crochet


 The earwarmers come out best when you make your starting chain slightly loose and then tighten your tension a little bit for the double crochets. 
Measure your starting chains so that when they fit comfortable around your head or so that they are roughly 19 inches without stretching. This will fit most adults. 
 In a 2 inch by 2 inch square there will be about 4 double crochets across and about 2.5 rows high. 


Ch 42. While making sure it does not twist, join in a circle with a sl st in the very first ch. 

Row 1: Ch 2. Dc in each stitch (remember to dc with a slightly tighter tension). Sl st into the first dc to join. . (42 total dc) 

Row 2-4: Repeat row 1. (3 rows of 42 dc)

Tie off and weave in ends. 

If you like the basic flat look you can leave it like this. Or you can cinch the middle. To cinch it, find the spot directly across from the seam and pinch the center, then pinch the sides up with it and wrap a piece of yarn around it twice then tie it as tight as you can. As you weave in the ends of the tie sew around the knot a few times to cover it so you can not feel it when wearing it. Add a tag if you’d like and you are done with a super simple and quick earwarmer. 

I hope you loved this pattern! I did not have anyone test this pattern so if you spot any errors or something that doesn’t make sense please reach out! I can’t wait to see your finished earwarmers! Tag me on Instagram @coz.e_creations or on Facebook at Coz-E Creations Crochet by Elyssa.

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  1. This is a pattern I’ve been trying to find for awhile. I was looking for sock patterns and came across this pattern. I’m excited to try this. Thank you so much

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