New Beginnings for Coz-E Creations

Hello! And welcome to my new and improved blog! I am so excited for this new blog. I had been wanting to improve my old blog and change a few things on it as well. I felt that my old one was not cutting it for the direction I see myself and my business going in. I got to the point where there was so much I wanted to change I just decided to start from the very beginning with a blank slate. Now I have a new theme, domain name and whole new look and direction!

When I first started my last blog I thought I wanted it to be a motherhood and fitness blog. Then as I got more into crochet I decided that was more the direction I wanted to go in, so my blog ended up being kind of a mixed up mess of a whole bunch of things. The name on the website itself didn’t even reflect my business and I didn’t love it. I decided I wanted to go in a more crochet specific direction.

I started thinking about changing everything and there was so much that I wanted to change and I had no idea what I was doing last time I created my blog. I decided I needed to just start from the beginning and make it exactly what I wanted. I knew that Taylor Lynn Crochet had a free how to start a blog course so I signed up for that and got started. This course was great. It walked me through everything I needed to do to start a new blog. It was really helpful in walking you specifically through how to purchase hosting and get your own domain name. Then she shows you how to set up your theme, create your pages and even start your first post. If you’re thinking about starting your own blog I’d definitely take this course!

I am very excited for this new blog and I hope you are too! I have been learning more and more about blogging and running a handmade business that I am so excited for the future and new opportunities it will bring! Now that I have everything set up and ready to go I will be adding a post on here in the near future with all the links to the patterns I have put out previously so that you will be able to easily access them. There will also be some free patterns coming in the future. Thanks for reading!